When It Comes to Kids’ Party Places, Indoor Amusement Parks are the Best.

kids' party placesComing up with fun and engaging activities for your children is exhausting, but planning a party for your children can be even more exhausting.  That being said, if you know who to turn to, you can set up a great party that your children will love, without having to do all the work, yourself.  The best way to do this is to book a kids’ party place, of some kind, such as a kids’ amusement park.  One of the best Denver area kids’ party places is Lollipop Park, which is an indoor amusement park, with tons of rides and activities.  Not only that, you can book them, in advance, so they have accommodations ready for you, when you arrive.  Nevertheless, the do welcome last minute parties, as well, so do not hesitate to go, if you have to produce a kids’ party, out of thin air.

Clearly, one of the most common reasons why people need to book children’s parties are birthdays.  For children, birthday parties are a big deal, and there tends to be a lot of pressure, as a parent, in many cases.  While it can be tempting to want to host a birthday party at home, it is also a decision you are likely to regret.  For one thing, if it is at your house, you have to be responsible for coming up with entertainment, providing food, cleaning, and generally taking care of everything involved in hosting a party.  On the other hand, if you book a birthday party place, like Lollipop Park, you do not have nearly as much work to do.  In terms of food and drinks, they have a menu, which includes snacks, pizza, ice cream, and soft drinks.  That being said, the cake and accompanying drinks are up to you, so be sure to bring your own.

The area in which you and your children are really benefitting is through the activities.  For obvious reasons, it can be challenging to come up with countless different activities, to keep kids entertained, for several hours.  With an entire amusement park, to work with, though, you can relax a bit, and maybe even enjoy a few rides and activities, yourself.  The rides and activities are diverse and entertaining, and are designed to have something for various different age groups.  There are activities that very small children and toddlers will enjoy, and plenty that older children will enjoy, as well, not to mention a huge deal of overlap.  Lollipop Park is more than just an ordinary amusement park, it is an indoor play center.  There are all sorts of ways for children to entertain themselves, besides just the rides.  There are games, booths, and even funhouse mirrors and other carnival favorites.  There are many reasons why booking an amusement center, like Lollipop Park, is a good choice, for a child’s birthday party or other event.  It saves you trouble, it is affordably price, and the children get to experience unlimited fun, at a great indoor amusement center.

My Son’s 5th Birthday Party At The Local Indoor Play Center Was A Success

I avoided certain suggestions when it came to where I should have my son’s 5th birthday party because I wanted it to be something that he really enjoyed.  There were always the same old “Chuck E Cheese” birthday parties that end up costing me along with all of the other parents way too much money in the end.  The food and drinks, the game tokens, the transportation, the gifts, and the invitations for a child’s birthday party can start to significatly add up before you even realize that you’ve spent.  So this year I wanted to make sure that I didn’t spend outrageous amounts of money on something that he wouldn’t really enjoy that much or even remember.

indoor play centerI wanted to take my son and his friends somewhere different for his 5th birthday party, and I eventually ended up planning a party at the Lollipop Park and it worked out great.  They don’t force you to have a minimum number of party guests at the Lollipop Park, nor do they require you to purchase a party package with games or food or anything of the sort.  If you want to order food you can order food.  If you want to bring a cake of your own, do it.  If you started with a guest list of about 30 and it dwindled to 12 by the time the party came around, that’s not a big deal either.  At the Lollipop Park you just go to have fun and do what you wish and there are no restrictions.  Once you get a final headcount at your party table, you can buy each child a limitless ride pass for the day for between $12 and $15 and that’s it.  No tokens or tickets.  The kids can ride what they want again and again while you sit back and watch.

For my son’s party I did bring a cake and they held it in the back to keep cool while we were out having fun.  When it came time to sing happy birthday the staff brought the cake back out for me and I could cut and serve it myself on his favorite Buzz Lightyear plates and napkins.  Some of the kids had already eaten dinner before the party and some had not, so their parents had the freedom to decide if they wanted to buy food at the concession stand or not.  It’s nice going in to a birthday party knowing that you won’t be forced to spend tons of money that you weren’t expecting.  So those parents that opted to feed the kids at home just spent more time playing than those that stopped to eat there.

With no package or number restrictions and a low price, I was so happy that we took our little guy to the Lollipop Park to celebrate his birthday.   He definitely had a lot of fun with his friends and it wore him out completely, and I didn’t have to break the bank for yet another party, which made me and the other parents pretty happy.

Kids Birthday Party Essentials

If you are hosting a birthday party for your kids, there would be a lot of planning and decorating involved . The planning  in itself is just as exciting as the celebration. If you have not decided where to celebrate your kids birthday, you may want to consider celebrating your kids’ party in an indoor play center. Nowadays, more parents are opting to celebrate their kids’ birthday in facilities that specializes with kids birthday party place. It’s a lot bigger and safer, also,  you don’t always have to keep an eye on your young and adult guests. The indoor play center staff will help you with that. That way, the venue for your child’s birthday party place is already taken care of. You can now concentrate on the more important things like planning, decorating, and party essentials for your kids’ birthday party.

birthday party place

kids indoor play

Here are some kiddie party essentials to make your child’s birthday memorable not only to the celebrant but also to your guests:

Goodie Bags – Your guests are most likely bringing presents to honour the celebrant, in return, thank them not just for their presents but also for their presence. Goodie bags may contain toys, candies, or souvenirs in celebration to your child’s birthday.

Photo booth – This is getting really popular among the young and events especially on kids birthday parties. A picture lasts forever. In the digital era, print is not yet dead. Trust me, your kids or even your guests,  will even thank you in the future. You’re welcome.

Dessert Buffet – What’s a party without any sweets. Delight your young and adult guests’ sweet tooth by installing a dessert buffet. Who could say no to a chocolate cupcake with whip cream or perhaps a jar full of cookies or gummy bears. Don’t forget the candles on the birthday cake.

Games and More –  Keep the fun in your party and to keep the sugar level low from all the sweets in the dessert buffet, entertain your guests by organizing games.  From the classic Simon Says to the Pin the tail on the Donkey. Or surprise them by giving special awards if you have a themed party by recognizing the best costume.

Party Hats and Balloons – Get creative and have  a DIY party hat. If pressed on time, you can always buy  in specialty shops or order one online. Kids always love party hats and balloons. They love almost anything bright and shiny. Just imagine, all the primary colors gathered to make one absolutely colourful party.

Amusement Rides -  This may sound a little overboard but, Lollipop Park, an indoor children’s amusement park that’s been in the business for over 30 years. Offers rides ranging from a Ferris Wheel, train ride, horse carousel, teacup ride, swing ride, to name a few. And it’s all indoors! No need to worry about prolong exposure under the sun or getting soaked in the rain.

As a parent, it’s important that you create happy memories for your child. You can start by making them feel extra special by showing them all the love on their birthdays.

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Games for Kids Indoor Play

If you are uncertain of the weather on the day you want to celebrate a party, you can be safe and choose an indoor birthday party place. There are a number of indoor venues to choose from and a variety of games and kids indoor play that you can facilitate.

One game that you can have in an indoor play center is known as “freeze” and “unfreeze.” Play festive music in the background when you host this game. Tell the children that while the music plays, they have to dance. But, when the music stops, the children have to stop dancing and freeze. Randomly stop the music and say “freeze” when you do. Make sure that the participants hold their position before you call “unfreeze.” Call “freeze” and “unfreeze” randomly. The participants who can’t keep their position frozen before you call an “unfreeze” are out of the game. Make it more challenging for the participants to remain in their position by teasing them or making funny faces. Let the game go on until one participant remains.

birthday party place

kids indoor play

Musical games are also good options for kids indoor play.  There are many different musical games that can be facilitated at an indoor birthday party place. For example, a game of musical chairs can be played. You can start with having the same number of chairs as the participants in the game. When the music stops, the participants have to sit down on them. For each round, take one chair away. This means that during the second round, one of the participants will have no chair to sit on when the music stops. The winner of the game is the last one who can sit in the last chair.

Dares are also enjoyable additions to parties done in an indoor play center. For example, you can dare a guest to kiss the person nearest them, pretend they’re an animal for a minute, do push-ups or squats, dance the ballet, or sing an awkward song. Make sure that you do not force your guests to perform the dares and that such tasks are not offensive or discriminatory. Also, make sure that you do not ask your guests to perform dares that are unsafe.

Deciding to use balloons to decorate an indoor birthday party place can help make the venue more enjoyable for the celebrant and their guests. Balloons are affordable, easy to set up, can liven up any place, and look really beautiful in pictures. They can also be used as souvenirs for the party or as creative ways of giving out dares. Write the dares on sheets of paper and insert them into the balloons before you blow them up. Give guests pins to pop the balloons of their choice and ask them to carry out the dares written on the sheets.

Plus, if you are facilitating some games, you can host a couple of activities using balloons. For example, you can play “keep it up.” The simple game involves dividing the participants into small groups and instructing them to keep the balloon up at all times. One way to do this is for participants to shout the name of the person that the balloon is directed towards. The group that keeps the balloon up the longest wins this particular kids indoor play.

Of all the Kids Party Places, None are Better than Indoor Amusement Parks.

kids party placesPlanning a fun event for children can be more difficult than some people think.  For one thing, you need to figure out something to do for however many hours.  In the case of children’s parties or other events, you should find something that will be fun, but will also hold their attention for awhile, as some activities can become tiresome after awhile.  Kids can become bored especially easily.  To avoid this problem, book a location that will be safe and fun, but will also provide lots to do, as children can tire of only one activity.  Of all the kids party places, none are better than indoor amusement parks.  Of course, there are many different indoor kids play centers to choose from, but some are clearly better than others.  You should shop around until you have found one that sounds appealing to you and that you think would appeal to your children.  There are certain policies and practices that are a bad sign, in terms of kids amusement parks.  For one thing, if they have a minimum requirement, you may want to avoid them altogether.  No matter how many or few children are attending the event, you should still be able to make a reservation.  Even if you do meet the minimum requirement, you may want to avoid such a venue, as they will probably have other restrictions, too.  Another troublesome restriction is a tight time limit.  Some of the most well-known amusement facilities have time limits on how long your party can be present in the facility.  A good kids birthday party place will allow you to stay as long as you want.  There is no sense in trying to cram an entire day’s worth of events into one hour.  The other quality that your birthday party venue should have is unlimited rides.  If the venue charges you for each time each child rides something, that is just ridiculous.  The better venues will allow all the children to allow all the rides they want, as many times as they want.  After all, a kids birthday party should be a fun time for everyone involved, and it should not be stifled by silly corporate rules and policies.  Also, the kids birthday party venues that are more generous and less strict in their requirements are also the most fun ones to attend.  For one thing, they will not bother you with too many unwanted organized activities.  You are utilizing the venue to let your kids have fun there and you can organize them, yourself if you want to.  Instead, though, the children would probably prefer getting to have plenty of time to ride the rides and play the games.  I know that when I was a kid, that is what I would have wanted to do.  Most of these venues provide food and refreshments, as well.  Of course, a good indoor play center will allow you to purchase as much or as little food as you want, while the more annoying ones will force you to purchase special packages, which inevitably include things you do not need or want.

Are You Searching For The Perfect Birthday Party Place?

indoor play centerIf you are searching for the perfect place to host your child’s birthday party and are located in or around the Denver, Colorado metro area then you should absolutely look into the birthday party place that has been serving the mile high city for over thirty years. The birthday party place that has been serving Coloradans for this long is Lollipop Park and it has been a trusted birthday party place for children of all ages for such a long time because of the great accommodations it provides for families who have their parties there. Lollipop Park is a place that wants to make sure that they are providing the people that come to them with a wonderful and happy and pleasant experience because they really care and know how important your child’s birthday party is. Lollipop Park wants you, as their client, to feel great about the party that you are having and they want you to know that there will be professional and courteous staff there to help you with all of your party planning needs. No matter what type of party you are planning on having or how old your child is Lollipop Park is a great place to go for the birthday party that you are throwing. When it comes to kids party places in Denver, Colorado Lollipop Park is definitely one of the top choices and has been for children and families for the past thirty years.

Lollipop Park is a nice option for your child’s birthday party for a lot of different reasons. Lollipop Park is a large facility located inside the Family Sports Center so there is a lot of space and a lot of different party rooms available so that no matter how many people you are inviting to the party, and no matter how many people actually show up, there will be plenty of space for everyone as well as all of the gifts and party favors and anything else that you might bring along to make your child’s party special. Lollipop Park also provides its clients with a lot of different food options so that you can feed your party guests. Lollipop Park is also a special place for parties because it offers a wide range of rides for children of all ages to ride and play on and they are mostly carnival themed. The carnival theme is nice because it allows for the kids at your party to enjoy all the aspects of a carnival without having to specifically go to a carnival. It is also nice, money wise, for parents who want their child to have a special and unique and fun party without having to spend a lot. Lollipop Park is committed to making sure that everyone gets the party that they want and they will do everything in their power to make sure that all of your needs are met when it comes to you child’s birthday party. Lollipop Park is a wonderful option if you are looking for a fun and interactive, as well as affordable, indoor play center to have your child’s birthday party.

Jacob had a blast at the indoor play center

kids indoor play

I’ve been showing pictures of Jacob’s birthday party bash all week and today will be no exception. The first few blogs were about tips and pointers on how to throw a birthday party that achieves the goals of making every kid feel happy and involved as well as reducing the overall stress level and out of pocket cost for the adults. One of the points I touched on was to take your group to a kids indoor play center because there is usually something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, now that the weather is starting to take a decidedly turn for the Winter, you can be assured that your planned activities won’t be ruined by in climate weather, forcing you to reschedule or scramble to make everyone happy. Believe it or not you can enjoy your son or daughter’s birthday party just as much as they can, you just have to plan ahead to make that a reality.

My suggestion to anyone looking for advice on where to take your group is to head over to Lollipop Park. They have been ranked as the areas best kids party places for a birthday party and after two consecutive birthday parties I can honestly say that is an accurate ranking. Of course your first priority will be to ensure that your kid and his/her friends are having a great time but it’s nice when the parents can enjoy the action as well. Lollipop park has trustworthy employees there to watch your kids while they play.

Birthday parties made easier

As much as I love my son, every year around his birthday I become more and more terrified. One or two kids are usually pretty cute and sweet, as soon as you put twenty-five of them together it will make you wonder why anyone reproduces, ever. After my son hit age six I decided I was out. kids indoor play centerI absolutely refuse to do this to myself any longer. Since I can’t take away the poor kids birthdays I decided to outsource, that way he gets his birthday and I get my sanity. I researched a few options and let him pick his favorite. After a lot of back and forward he finally chose an indoor play center. He absolutely loved and now every time he saves up his allowance or any time he thinks he has been good enough to deserve something special he asks to go to the kids play center. I can’t imagine a better option for both of us. He gets to run around which is a nice change from him playing videogames and I get to relax knowing that there is a staff of people who are watching over the kids. Because the play center is open all the time we have even started using the possibility of the play center as a bribe for good grades and behavior. I know some parents disagree with bribing but if a few dollars for game tokens gets him to pass all his classes I am not going to mess with easy success.

Having A Good Time

When I want my kids to relax and have a good time I take them to a kids indoor play center. These kids party places are chalked full of fun activities. I really like the fact that most of the stuff to do there involves moving around. The kids could be occupied at a video game arcade all day too, but that only requires standing in one place. I’d prefer they get a little more exercise than that. Besides, they have video games to play at home.

kids party placesEvery time we go to one of these places, my kids get really excited. They love running through the obstacle courses, playing different sports, and just having a good time in general. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I’m too big to enjoy any of the activities. It’s alright though, I usually just sit around and read in peace, enjoying the solitude. Sometimes I’ll hop onto the volleyball court that they have there and get a few games in.

I don’t mind spending a little bit of money on my children. They work very hard in their schooling and doing their chores around the house. If I get to hang out with my buddies and unwind from time to time, they should get to do the same thing. As long as they keep up the good grades and positive attitudes I’ll take them on trips like this. Hopefully when they are older with children of their own they’ll remember times like these.

Lollipop park is the best play land!

kids indoor play

Check out these pictures I took while at Lollipop indoor play center! I had to start deleting some after a while because there were seriously too many to keep. I have four kids, two girls and two boys so I will admit I was a little apprehensive about whether or not everyone would find something they could enjoy. I knew from seeing some photographs my friend took that my two youngest daughters would enjoy the little tykes section which is designed for kids 2-7. Everything is soft and plush and it is virtually impossible to hurt yourself on anything in there. My sons, aged 8 and 10, respectively, would need to have something much bigger to suit their needs and energy levels. Thankfully, this birthday party place was huge and besides just having your regular jungle gym type stuff, also had rides. Carousels, tea cups, octopus, whack a mole, carnival games and prizes galore. I was taken back to my youth seeing everyone walking around with cotton candy and prizes on their shoulder. I smelled popcorn and if I closed my eyes I swore I was on the boardwalk smelling the sweat sea air. Needless to say I think our trip here will create some great lasting memories. I sure have enough pictures to prove that but also I will leave here with a lifetime of great memories and stories to tell the young ones. We will laugh about this day and think it was great. I highly recommend coming here for your son or grandsons’s birthday.

Lollipop Park

6901 South Peoria Street

Centennial, CO 80112

(303) 761-8700

No more clowns or magicians

It seems nowadays kids are having crazier and crazier birthday parties. I remember a time when a clown or magician coming to your house was a bid deal. And while clowns still give me the creeps, they were a popular form of entertainment for a birthday party. Now, it seems that all of these kids want to have their birthday at an indoor play center of sort sort.

And here is where I get involved.

My son is turning nine next month and he wants to go to this birthday party place a few miles away; of course, he only wants to go because Sally, his girlfriend, had her ninth birthday there (oh young love!). At any rate, I had to call to make sure the venue was available and plan all of the day’s events. Whew, what an exhausting job, especially when I already work full time!

So, we sent out the invitation to all of Kyle’s friends (well to their parents) just the other day. Kyle is so excited that it seems it is all he can talk about. We are making it a pirate themed party and the kids have to dress up as pirates. It will be a good time; that is, if I get the cake ordered, food ordered, and time table ready.

I am glad that I have another month left until Kyle’s birthday, but it is still very tiring. I can’t even imagine having to plan events like this for a career, it must be stressful.

Lollipop Park Matters Today

The lollipop Park is one of the most prestigious places for you to go to if you’re looking to have a birthday party place. This place does cater to you because they want to ensure that the matter what, your kids are satisfied. Ensuring that the birthday bash is going to be the highlight of everything is one of many spectacles that many kids want when it comes in the birthday party. They want their parties to remember for years to come and it is up to you as a parent to ensure that this happens. This company offers in indoor play center that you will never regret ensuring that you hire. You want to ensure that your kids are always satisfied the matter what. Of this means that you must ensure that you get everything that is necessary when it comes to the lollipop Park and you should ensure that they are getting it. Give any questions or concerns for the company, call them right now is a consultation. Ensure that you have every plans met before your child birthday arrives good your child you enjoy the child letting get exactly what they want out of the birthday today. You might be tedious and the might be difficult for you, but it will be all worth it want your kid is laughing and having a good time and is birthday party. Everybody deserves to be happy on their birthday and your child should be no exception to this.

Finding a place to take the kids

If you are looking for a place to take your kids for a day of exertion you may want to look into going to an Kids Indoor Play area. There are a number of these places around in any given area, so make sure that you consider more than one before you make a final decision. In no time at all you should be able to figure out who is going to offer you the best deal, but it depends greatly on your willingness to figure out what your options are. It is just a matter of you deciding to either save money or find the best place possible, although there are sometimes some really good deals even from the more expensive places.

Deciding on a place is not always going to be easy, but if you are careful then you should be able to find a good place to have fun. Make sure that you decide whether or not you want your children to do certain activities before you come up with a final decision. There are a number of different options out there with any given idea your kids might have, so try and figure out how you want to move forward. There are a whole lot of different ways in which you can plan an activity like this, but it really revolves around your willingness to make a decision. In time you should be able to find the perfect solution, but you really need to put yourself in the right frame of mind when looking for a Birthday Party Place.

The Right Indoor Party Location for Kids

If you are looking for Kids Indoor Play centers then you might want to consider locating one that will meet your needs the right way. There are a number of different kids places around most areas of the country, and they specialize in providing kids with a safe place to have a good time. While this is not always the most cost effective thing in the world, kids really tend to love it. There are a number of different activities that they can take part in, and usually this means that everyone can enjoy what they set out to, and hopefully be able to have some fun. In no time at all you should be able to figure out exactly what your options are, and hopefully enjoy the time you will all have.

There are a number of different activities that kids can all enjoy together, but it is a matter of taking the time to find something worth while. Being able to find a good Birthday Party Place is not always easy, but if you apply yourself then you should be able to figure it out. There are a number of different options for anyone looking to setup an appointment at a place like this, but it is going to involve you taking the time to figure things out the right way. This is definitely something that you should keep mind as you move forward towards a good deal for you and your family, when it comes to group admission especially it is vital that you keep this in mind.

Lollipop Park
6901 South Peoria Street
Centennial, CO 80112
(303) 761-8700